About Group Power Services


Leaders in our field, we specialise in commercial and industrial planned maintenance, breakdown and repairs, and minor works for hospitals, schools, government institutions and private organisations. With over two decades of maintaining and servicing a wide range of facilities we have developed diverse experience in electrical, mechanical and communication services while remaining up-to-date with technological changes, environmentally friendly options and providing the lowest ‘overall cost’ fee proposal.

When you require electrical and communications assistance, we can provide the following services:


Does your business meet current health and safety standards and comply with the latest electrical regulations?

Compliance with the relevant safety standards is essential in any commercial building and Group Power Services can plan and manage your electrical maintenance, so that you can manage your business, with the knowledge that you are protecting the health and safety of your employees, visitors and customers.

Providing duty of care is imperative in today’s workplaces. The financial implications of not protecting the health and safety of employees, visitors and customers cannot be ignored and neither can revenue lost from breakdowns caused by problems that could have been identified and fixed during planned maintenance.

During planned maintenance, we can assist with the following:

Inspection and testing of portable electrical equipment

In accordance with OSH regulations all workplace portable electrical equipment must be regularly inspected and tested. Should equipment be subjected to adverse operating conditions that may cause damage, inspection and testing would need to occur more frequently.

Group Power Services comply with, and follow, Australian/New Zealand regulatory standards (AS/NZS 3760:2010) when undertaking safety inspections and testing of electrical appliances.

Emergency Lighting

It is vital for the safety of building occupants, employees, visitors and customers that emergency lighting comes on when normal lighting fails and provides adequate light for emergency evacuations.

Group Power Services design and install emergency lighting solutions to Australian/New Zealand regulatory standards (AS/NZS 2293.1: 2005). Once installed, we can provide planned maintenance services so the emergency lighting continues to function correctly.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

Providing protection from electric shock, RCDs are electrical safety devices that immediately switch off electricity supply when electricity leaking to earth is at harmful levels.

Workplace injuries and fatalities can be prevented when RCDs are properly installed and regularly maintained. Group Power Services are serious about OHS and install and maintain RCDs to Australian/New Zealand regulatory standards (AS/NZS 3017:2007).


Group Power Services understand the importance of keeping our clients’ systems and workplaces safe and operating.

Power system failures can result in major inconvenience and disruption to workplaces and this is why we provide 24-hour emergency electrical repairs and contract services for 24-hour maintenance and emergency plant shutdown services.


Experts in minor works, Group Power Services can assist with additions, alterations or upgrades to your existing electrical installations. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, sub-circuit power and lighting; switchboards; LED lighting; data and fibre-optic cabling; structured cabling systems; uninterruptible power supplies (UPS); and closed circuit television (CCTV).

Upon completing minor works, Group Power Services will provide an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) within 28 days. We also submit Preliminary Notices and Notices of Completion to Western Power when required.

Minor works requiring cabling connecting with telecommunications networks (telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems) must be performed by, or directly supervised, by a registered Cabler and Group Power Services can organise this on behalf of clients.